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Jake Dyson Lighting
"Other designers have
made attempts to cool LEDs.
But it's not enough.

Their lights still fade.

We've invented the first LED light with an effective cooling system. As a result it lasts for 144,000 hours."

Jake Dyson
Powerful light
precisely where
you need it.
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Dyson CSYS Desk Light
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Dyson CSYS LED Lighting
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Dyson CSYS Desk Light - 3 axis glide motion
3-Axis GlideTM Motion

Dyson C-Sys LED Lighting has a unique 3-Axis glide movement allowing it to move horizontally vertically and rotate 360o .

The system of co-ordinates that allows the light to move through the x,y and z axis is what gives the light its name.
Dyson LED heat pipe technology
Heat pipe technology to cool LEDs.

A vacuum-sealed copper tube spans the arm of each

Csys task light. This tube contains a drop of water,
which rests above the LEDs when cool.
Dyson CSYS specifications
CSYS™ task light specifications
CSYS™ desk
Light output: 650lm
Colour temperature: 2700k
Dimensions: 650(h) x 527(w) x 177(d) mm
Black Black / Black Silver / White Silver
CSYS™ floor
Light output: 650lm
Colour temperature: 2700k
Dimensions: 1410(h) x 725(w) x 315(d) mm
Black Black / Black Silver
CSYS™ clamp
Light output: 650lm
Colour temperature: 2700k
Dimensions: 780(h) x 725(w) x 55(d) mm
Max clamp grip 68mm
Black Black / Black Silver
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