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The best just got EVEN better !

The New Dyson Airblade dB is 50% quieter than its predecessor,  
the mk2, producing 3dB less noise in operation.  

It still has the same high speed low energy credentials.

It is also suitable for voltage frequency installations of 50 or 60Hz
Dyson Airblade mk2 technical specifications
h663 x w307 xd 247 (mm)
200-240V, 50/60 Hz
7A @ 230V
10 seconds
90,000 rpm
Brushless DC : Dyson Digital
430 mph
30 Litres / sec
less than 0.5W
5 yr parts + labour / parts
Dyson Airblade dB Specifications:

Dimensions (AB14) :
Weight :
Electricity Supply : 
Current Consumption :
Nominal Output  :
Drying Time :
Motor Speed :
Motor Type :
Air Speed :
Air Volume :
Noise Level :
Standby Power :
Electrical Protection :
Warranty :
Material Code (White)
Material Code (Grey)
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Dyson Airblade Hand Dryer dB

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» Dyson Airblade full brochure 2013    (pdf) 
» Dyson Airblade MK2 Installation Guide    (pdf)
» Dyson Airblade dB Owner's Manual    (pdf)     

» Dyson Airblade AB14 Tech Specs 2013    (pdf)
» Dyson Airblade Cleaning Guide    (pdf)
Dyson Airblade dB Hand Dryer

Launched in October 2013, the new Dyson Airblade dB is even better. It is now 50% quieter than its predecessor the mk2.  
Airblade™ technology combined with the Dyson digital motor V4 creates high speed sheets of air. The Dyson Airblade dB hand  
dryer is the fastest way to dry hands. It is suitable for all washrooms, particularly where sound levels are an important  
Dyson Digital Motor

The New Dyson Digital Motor spins at 90000rpm - there is no hand dryer as fast (or even close!). It shifts air at a rate of 30 litres  
per second forcing air out through its super thin aperature at a speed of 430mph, making it the worlds fastest hand dryer!

Improved Acoustics

Improved acoustics compared to the original Dyson Airblade™ hand dryer. Scallop-shaped apertures reduce air rush noise and  
unpleasant motor tones have been minimised. The New Dyson Airblade dB moves 30 litres of air per second through an aperture  
the width of a human eyelash at 430mph, so sound is inevitable. Dyson's engineers have worked hard on improving the noise  
generated. Although the noise pressure is the same, the tones generated are different and not as unpleasant using six Dyson-
designed Helmholtz silencers.

HACCP Approved

The Dyson Airblade Mk2 hand dryer addresses a number of unacceptable risks posed by hand dryers in the past. It has been  
approved by HACCP as being hygienically safe for use in the food and beverage industry.

Dry Time

Testing based on the National Sanitation Foundation's Protocol P335 (NSF P335) shows that most other hand dryers are much  
slower than their manufacturer's claim.
The Dyson Airblade dries hands hygienically in 10 seconds - and that is tested and proven !


The Dyson Airblade dB has been vigorously tested to be sure it stands up to the toughest of washroom environments and its  
resilience against physical and chemical abuse. Because of its high speed (430mph) air, there is no need for a heating element  
which are prone to wear and tear.

As with all hand dryers there may be water that comes from the users hands and ends up on walls or floors as they drip or shake  
their hands. We have available a splashback that protects the wall from any splash around the dryer and any water that may end  
up running down the machine and on to the wall. The splashback has a tapered bottom edge so that water tends to run away  
from the wall



We have available a drip tray which can be fitted underneath the Dyson Airblade hand dryer to catch any drips that come from  
the users hands or indeed that gets splashed onto the Dyson Airblade and/or run down the sides.
driplate TM  Drip Tray for Dyson Airblade
Download New Product Notification for new Dyson Airblade dB as pdf document
Compare Dyson Airblade Hand Dryers - Download pdf document
driplateTM  Drip Tray for Dyson Airblade
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