Oxizone 'Air Steril' Air Steriliser

The Oxizone 'Air Steril' Air Steriliser works using combined technologies:

Internal :
(UV) Germicidal Irradiation and (PCO) Photocatalytic Oxidation work to eliminate Micro-

External :
• Plasma Quatro,
• (TIO2) Super Oxide Ions and Triatomic Oxide actively seek and eliminate Bacteria,Viruses,
Mould, Fungi and VOC’s found in the air and on all surfaces by constantly outputting an active
oxygen mixture which sterilises the air and surfaces. The Sterilising process breaks down
germs, bacteria and ‘Osmogens’, or odour-causing particles.

It transforms them into harmless non-odourous molecules. This process therefore actually
removes mal-odours, no matter what the source.

Its odour elimination properties are second to none and leaves no residue, just clean, fresh

Air Steril uses 5 technologies to kill up to 98.11%*of Bacteria and Viruses found in the air and
exposed washroom surfaces. *Source: HPA - Health Protection Agency
Fresh, Clean Air, instantly and consistently !
Oxizone Air Steril

After seven days the upstairs Lounge area, used by our EMI residents, was completely odour free.
I am very pleased with the results from all of the units supplied by AirSteril, I have always wanted the best
possible environment for my residents and staff and these units have helped me to achieve this.
Joy Yoganathan, Ael-y-Bryn EMI Care Home

I am a manager of a residential home for the elderly. It is a very old building with toilets very close to the
front door and there was a stale odour.
Air Steril has been installed for some weeks and there is a definite improvement.
The ‘staley’ smell has gone and we are less worried about people using the front door. I would recommend Air
Steril to any care home with issues similar to ours.
Wendy Williams, The Clough Residential Care home

Air Steril, how it works
Tested at HPA CEPR BioSafety Unit,  Porton Down  Up to 98.11% efficiency in removing airborne bacteria and viruses
Complete Sterile Environment

healthy and
environmentally sound
Complete Sterile Environment

healthy and
environmentally sound
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Oxizone Air Steriliser
Oxizone Air Steriliser, Air Purifier
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