Germ Control Products

Germ Control Products

Germ control should always be a high priority in any
public area.

Waiting rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and canteens, lifts,
sitting areas, communal working areas, shared telephones
can all be germ-pools.

Proper care and attention is required to ensure the
transmission of airborne and surface bacteria is eliminated or
greatly reduced.

We provide a range of products to help in your fight against
bacteria and viruses, assisting your infection control
procedures, including : MRSA, C Diff, Salmonella, Listeria,
E Coli, Avian Flu, Swine Flu, Influenza, SARS, amongst
many others.
Auto Dispensers
For paper towels and soap, eliminates need for hand contact to reduce risk of cross contamination
Germ Control products, infection control
Air Sterilisers
Air Sterilisers
Food Hygiene -
for sterilising food preparation and storage areas, destroys airborne and surface bacteria
Germazap Air Sterilisers
Air Sterilisers 
Air Sterilisers and air purifiers; Portable and wall mounted units - for use in hospital wards, residential areas, nursing homes etc.
Tested by the Health Protection Agency
Hand sanitisers
Alcohol Hand Sanitisers + Surface Sanitisers
Used to eliminate 99.99% of bacteria and viruses on the hand surfaces. For wiping contaminated surfaces; Hand rails, door handles, telephones, lift + vending buttons
Hand sanitisers
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