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Face Masks

Face Masks & Respiratory Protection

Face Masks & Respiratory Protection

Face masks offer 2 basis types of protection: Protection




the wearer.

It should be noted that FFP3 masks are generally considered as reserved for NHS and front-line services and not recommended for general public and civilian use. There is no shortage of Type IIR (medical/surgical masks) and these are suitable for use by all.
Surgical Face Masks

Surgical / Medical Face Masks.

Surgical/Medical Type IIR face masks provide protection from the wearer and minimal protection for the wearer - 3 ply, splash-proof, anti-fog nose clip, anti-bacterial.

A doctor or surgeon would normally be seen wearing a surgical face mask during an operation to protect the patient from droplets being exhaled from the doctors mouth onto the patient while they are operating (for example)

These are usually helf in place with loops that go around the ear and are designed for single use.

Verified EN standard test checked (EN14683: 2019)
FDA Approved (10067775)
CE Certified (2020004)
Manufactured to ISO13485-2016 (04718Q10000430)

Download Type IIR Face Masks Tech Specs

Surgical Face Masks are currently available to purchase online at www.ehanddryers.com
N95 FFP2 EN149 CE Respiratory Face Masks

FFP2 Respiratory Face Masks.

Respiratory face masks provide protection for and from the wearer.

All our masks are CE certified and EN tested

Verified EN standard test checked (EN149:2001+A1:2009)

Tested to PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425

PPE for use by healthcare professionals (EU) 2020/403

KN95 Approved respirator GB 2626-2006

Verified CE marking (Certificate No.0P200310.BDC0O10)

Download FFP2 Face Masks Tech Specs

Levels of protection are classed as

N95 / KN95 - 95% filtration (American / Chinese standard notification)
N95 masks are recommended by WHO for protection against airboprne viruses including Novelle Corona Virus COVID-19

FFP2 - UK Standard - minimum 94% filtration
FFP3 - UK Standard - minimum 95% filtration

N95 Respiratory Face Masks are currently available to purchase online at www.ehanddryers.com
Independent UK testers have deemed that all KN95 masks should not be classed as RPE (Respiratory Protective Equipment) unless you have had them 'Fit-Tested'.

This is the process by which the face-fit is determined to be sufficient to be able to rely upon it as a protective piece of respiratory equipment.

When fitting a folded face mask, you are advised to bend the nose piece around your thumb to take the kink out of the bar before fitting to ensure a good fit around your nose.

All our masks have verified CE certification and EN standard testing certification.
We can provide certification and instructions on how to verify the validity of the certificates.
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