The SUITMATE® swimming costume spinner dryer is the market leader in swim suit spinners for almost 40 years.

helps prevent water from damaging your changing or hotel rooms. Wet and dripping swimsuits can harm metal lockers by rusting; wood lockers by delaminating; and promote mould and mildew in carpets and furniture.

SUITMATE® has with a rigid stainless steel construction that resists the stress of vibration compared to plastic models. This makes the SUITMATE® swimsuit dryer the only costume dryer on the UK market you can trust. Buy the genuine and best SUITMATE® swimming costume spinner for peace of mind.

The SUITMATE® water extractor solves wet swimsuit problems by removing 95% of a suit's water in just 8 seconds with 2850rpm spin cycle without using heat
It reduces maintenance costs by reducing rust and delamination of lockers and fixtures
It minimises carpet and floor damage, odours, mildew and stains caused by wet suits

The SUITMATE® is user-friendly and is activated simply by placing hand pressure on the lid
There are no exposed moving parts, making it safe to use in schools, health clubs, country clubs, wellness centres, YMCA/YWCAs, hotels, sport clubs and many other facilities

Easy Installation:

Moisture-proof electrical junction box and wall-mount bracket are provided. Water for disposal should be directed to floor drain or piped to waste water system.

SUITMATE Specifications


Rust-resistant Grade 304 stainless steel body and high density polyethylene plastic top

Safety Features
Manual self-start and self-stop by hand pressure on lid
No exposed moving parts during operation
Built -in ground fault circuit interrupter
Automatic shut off after 8 seconds - to reset, lift the lid

Installation : Wall Mounting
Mount on wall at desired height with heavy duty bracket provided
Packaged with full size template to ease installation

Wire into convenient 230 VAC properly grounded circuit
Moisture proof junction box included in SUITMATE® unit
Wire is in the bottom on the unit
Unit should be hard wired

Water Disposal
Use convenient floor drain, or pipe to waste water system

Operating Features
Easy to follow instructions.
Apply hand pressure on lid to start
Removes approximately 95% of a suit's water in 8 seconds
Uses no heat
Safe for all swimsuit materials
One suit per operation

230V AC @ 50Hz Unit 750W
0.0016kWh per cycle

Size: 381mm x 381mm x 584 mm ht
Weight: 25 Kgs

Shipping dimensions: 46 x 46 x 66 cm
Shipping weight: 30 Kgs

Other electrical configurations available: CE Approved

Limited Warranty:  2 year, parts only, covered directly by o3 group ltd as authorise repair agent for SUITMATE - return to base.
After year 2 we provide replacement parts or return to base for Extractor Corporation authorised repair.

After year 2 it is recommended to get your SUITMATE serviced annually.

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Suitmate Swimsuit Dryer Water Extractor

Swimsuit Spinner Dryer

Your clients will
love you for it!

The #1 amenity for all aquatic lovers, the SUITMATE®
Swimsuit Water Extractor conveniently removes 95% of
water from a wet suit in just 8 seconds.
No wringing, no dripping….and no more plastic bags.

SUITMATE® is the Market Leader for nearly 40 years

SUITMATE® Swimsuit Spinner Dryer

SUITMATE Swimsuit Dryer for Health Spa
The gold standard of convenience for luxury spas, hotels and resorts.
SUITMATE Swimsuit Dryer

SUITMATE® Features:

• Helps prevent water damage to lockers, changing areas, flooring
• Reduces build up of mould and mildew
• Rigid stainless steel model resists vibration
• Removes 95% of a swim suit's water in just 8 seconds
• 2850 rpm spin cycle, no heat, low running costs
• Simple to use, just place suit inside and close the lid
• No exposed moving parts - safe to use
• RCD protected
• Safe for all swim suit materials
SUITMATE® Resources
SUITMATE® Swimsuit Spinner Dryer
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