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Often the smallest room in the 'house', the washrooms are also one of the most important.

Your washroom toilet areas will leave a lasting impression on your visitors and staff alike.

Your choice of washroom fixtures, fittings, accessories and washroom hygiene services provider are all central to the creation of an environment that reflects the high expectations of the end users.

The top end of the market requires top-end solutions.

Create the right impression.
Washroom Legislation Washroom Legislation
Washroom Cubicles Washroom Cubicles
gents Toilets, Gents Washrooms gents Toilets, Gents Washrooms
Gents toilets tend to suffer more from odours than the  ladies'. This is generally due to the use of urinals.
Waterless urinals are the modern preferred option but at the very least urinals should be controlled by a water management system and odours and blockages reduced with an enzyme urinal sleeve insert such as UriFresh or a suitable urinal sanitiser

Ladies bathrooms have different requirements, in particular the need for
Sanitary Disposal Units (or Feminine Hygiene Units). These need to be provided in every cubicle that is likely to be used by females in accordance with current legislation. Waste disposed must be accompanied by a Waste Transfer note and Duty of Care documentation
Ladies Washrooms, Ladies Toilets, Feminine Hygiene Ladies Washrooms, Ladies Toilets, Feminine Hygiene

Provisions should be made for less able patrons, either wheelchair or ambulant disabled - those with mobility problems.

Establishments should provide easy access to washrooms, sanitaries and facilities with support rails etc.
Every respectable establishment provides for parents to tend to their children in a safe, comfortable, hygienic and accessible washroom area.

Surveys show parents are less likely to return to premises with poor or non-existent facilities for baby changing.
Accessible Washrooms, Disabled Toilets Accessible Washrooms, Disabled Toilets
Parenting Room, Baby Changing, Nappy changing Parenting Room, Baby Changing, Nappy changing

Air Freshening & Air Sterilising

There are many methods of hand drying. From the old faithful paper towel to the roller towels (linen or cotton) and the hand dryer.

Hand Dryers are available in the conventional warm air high powered hand dryer to the new high speed low energy hand dryers and new generation hand dryers or 'blade' hand dryers.

The new generation of hand dryers save money on running costs (especially compared to hand towels) and are undoubtedly better for the environment.
Air Freshners, Air Fresheners, Air Freshening Air Freshners, Air Fresheners, Air Freshening

Parenting Rooms / Baby Changing

Disabled Access Washrooms

Gents Washrooms

Ladies Washrooms

Hand Dryers & Hand Drying

Hand Dryers, Hand Driers, hand Drying, High Speed Low energy Hand Dryers, Hand Driers, hand Drying, High Speed Low energy
The old aerosol spray air freshener is the most common air freshener you will encounter in public washrooms.

A healthier and more environmentally friendly option is a Natural Oil Air Freshener - these use Natural Essential Oils and no aerosol sprays or cans.

For stubborn odours an air steriliser is the only option, these do not rely on perfumes to mask odours but actually remove them, leaving a, odour-free and sterilised washroom.

Buy or rent washroom dispensers :
Paper Hand Towel Dispensers
Toilet Roll or toilet paper dispensers + holders
Liquid Hand Soap dispensers
Foam Soap dispensers
Anti-bacterial, dermatological or cosmetic soaps
Luxury Hand Soaps and creams
Automatic Dispensers - sensor operated no-touch dispensers for paper hand towels or soap
White plastic, Chrome or stainless steel

Washroom Dispensers

Washroom Vending

Most establishments provide washroom vending for their patrons as a courtesy.

This can be in the form of sanitary products vending for feminine hygiene, contraception, confectionary, nappies or novelty vending.
Washroom Dispensers, Automatic Dispensers, Stainless Steel Dispensers Washroom Dispensers, Automatic Dispensers, Stainless Steel Dispensers
Washroom Vending, Vending Machines, Sanitary Vending Washroom Vending, Vending Machines, Sanitary Vending

A range of complementary washroom products including

Washroom Hygiene Monitor - this does away with the old paper and pen. An automised system to let patrons know when the last time (and the next time) the washrooms were tended to .

Toilet Seat Sanitisers - available as a spray and wipe system or disposable flushable wipes

WC Sanitisers - for cleaning the toilet bowl automatically

Washroom door signs, self-adhesive metal signs

Other Washroom Products

Washroom Hygiene Monitor, Toilet Seat Sanitiser, washroom door signs, wc sanitiser Washroom Hygiene Monitor, Toilet Seat Sanitiser, washroom door signs, wc sanitiser

Our team of fit-out engineers can help you plan and design your washroom refurbishment.

Everything is provided from the removal of the old to the decoration, painting, electrical, plumbing and fitting of new sanitaries and cubicles.

Our extensive range of fixtures and fittings have something to suit every situation including water saving and automatic sensor operated faucets and flushes.

Washroom Cubicles and fit-out

There are many paragra[phs of legislation in a number of documents covering what is required in a public washroom and where it is required.

We have taken extracts from the appropriate legislation documents here for you.

Washroom Legislation

Gents Washrooms
Air Fresheners
Air Sterilisers
Urinal Sanitisers
UriFresh Urinal Sleeve
Water Manager Systems
Environmentally Friendly Washrooms
Ladies Washrooms
Sanitary Disposal Units
Feminine Hygiene Units
Disabled Accessible Washrooms
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