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URIFRESH ECO Waterless Urinals

URIFRESH ECO Waterless Urinals

A urinal with a 9L cistern flushing 4 times per hour will
waste 315360 litres of water per year,
costing 1122.36*2
contributing 108.5kg*3 of CO2e to the environment
When it comes to urinal hygiene, there is no better solution than a properly fitted, properly maintained URIFRESH Waterless Urinal.

This patented, innovative system has been saving water since 1993.

As the URIFRESH can be retrofitted to around 98% of existing urinals, there is no need for customers to replace the urinal bowl, making the installation cheap and simple with the least amount of fuss and mess.

When we install your new waterless system, we will replace any old local pipework to ensure you are getting the best experience possible*1

Key Benefits of Waterless Urinals
  • Eliminate Urinal Odours
  • Save Money
  • Save Water
  • Reduce Carbon
  • Fully Recyclable
  • No More Urinal Flooding
  • Reduce Blockages
  • Improve Urinal Hygiene
  • No More Harmful Chemicals




The biological refill cartridge contains a proprietary consortia of friendly bacteria to dose the system and breakdown the formation of uric salts preventing crystallisation and hardening in the pipework.




These fingers suround the base of the cartridge and act as a debris catcher, delivering a patented malodour counteractant and freshness on every use.




A patented, memory-silicone, hygiene seal creates a closed system against back odours, whilst allowing the plumbing system to vent and speed up flow rates.




As a retro-fit solution, our unique Waste Housing replaces the need to conventional traps and speeds up continuity of flow. The lack of a 'trap' means there are no stale, stagnant liquids stored in the pipework.

URIFRESH ECO Waterless Urinals are guaranteed odour and blockage free.
On every service, our engineers will replace the cartridge and valve if necessary, clean down the urinal and waste outlet, plunge and rod the pipework if necessary.
If you have an issue relating to the urinals we will call out and repair it at no charge - this includes blockages*4.

You will never need to call a plumber again!*5
clean - green - odour free - waterless urinals
Contact us for a free, no-obligation survey to see how much water, money and carbon you could be saving
*1 All pipework to be replaced must be accessible. Only pipework essential for the urinals will be replaced unless it is new and/o free from any blockages, damage or aging.
*2 Non-domestic rate NI
*3 UK Government conversion factors reported in TwinFM : https://www.twinfm.com/article/the-carbon-cost-of-water-consumption
*4 We can only cover blockages relating to the urinals. This covers all local pipework to the point it exits the room or joins the common stack, whichever is closer. All pipework must be accessible.
*5 For work required described above.
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