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URIFRESHECO is available to fit retrospectively to 98% of existing or new urinals or supplied included in the latest Duravit contemporary concealed trap urinals.

It is a completely waterless urinal. Its patented technology means that no odours escape from the urinals. It is available fully maintained and serviced by our own trained, experienced staff so there is nothing for you to do beyond your normal daily* cleaning regime.

The URIFRESHECO dome has a debris guard to prevent matter entering the drainage system. Inside the dome there is a  biological block containing microbes, limescale inhibitors and a patented malodour counteractant which tackles the male pheromone and degenerative bacteria. Under the dome is a hygiene seal which acts as a physical barrier which has been independently tested not to be susceptible to back pressure/siphoning (the valve has natural air-admittance properties). This prevents odours coming back out of the urinal.

Key Benefits

  • Eliminates urinal odours
  • Saves water
  • Saves energy
  • Reduces blockages
  • Improves hygiene
  • Eradicates urinal flooding
  • Eliminates the need for harmful chemicals
  • Improves the userís washroom experience
  • Helps you to help the environment
  • Huge savings on new build
  • Anti-vandal system

In a world where water is becoming ever more precious through scarcity and cost, URIFRESHECO is the leading solutions to waste water from automatically flushing urinals.

Common solutions to urinal water wasting tend to involve a water manager usually combined with a urinal sleeve. The water managers even when functioning properly can flush as much as every 5 minutes in a busy bathroom, flushing away over 1000litres per day (assuming the premises is busy for 10 hours only per day).

The cost and environmental savings are clear. With a URIFRESHECO waterless urinal you not only eliminate water wastage, you eliminate the cost of the water (and effluent). You eradicate the unsightly, unhygienic and inconvenient overflowing urinal and cost plumbing cost associated with its repair. You eliminate odours emanating from the urinal - with conventional urinals, the trap underneath the urinal stores urine which emits odours until and after the next flush.

Typical questions about waterless urinals;

Why does the waterless urinal not smell?
Some waterless urinals do smell. The URIFRESHECO uses a unique patented odour-lock diaphragm that allows liquid to pass down but blocks any air and odours from coming back out. Because there is no oil or gel to taint, there is nothing to hold the smell.

We had a waterless urinal and someone was sick in it, we poured water into it but it didn't flush away and instead flooded the bathroom.
What you had was a waterless urinal that likely uses the gel or oil cartridge. These are designed to allow a slow drain of urine through them and do not allow any solids through. Although the URIFRESHECO is designed for urine passing through the head, if you were to pour a bucket of water down the urinal it would flow through easily, much like a normal urinal. We always recommend cleaning out any debris so it does not enter the pipework and cause blockages further down (as per a regular urinal).

What maintenance do I need to carry out?
The only maintenance you need to carry out is part of the normal cleaning regime. URIFRESHECO has a complimentary spray cleaner that helps the bacteria in the cartridge which act in the pipework. Our engineers replace the dome and diaphragm as part of your maintenance program.

Will the URIFRESHECO solve the persistent odours in our gents toilets?
If the odour is coming from your urinals, then YES. Common urinals store urine in the bottle trap underneath the urinal which is directly exposed to the air. If the odour is coming from somewhere else in the bathroom (dodgy pipework seals, exposed trap, vent, or old flooring or tiles) then you will need an air steriliser such as the Oxizone Air Steril. These units sterilise not only the air but also the fabric of the room including walls, floors etc.

Our washrooms experience an extremely high usage rate, will this system work?
The URIFRESHECO patented system can take a 'flow' much higher than is likely to be experienced. There is no trap that can fill up and cause an overflow. If you have a high traffic area then this is exactly the system you need.

We have a waterless urinal from another company and would like to change to yours, do we need to replace the urinals?
Not usually. We can convert from most other waterless urinal systems including ; Urimat, Waterless, Ernst, Duravit, Falcon, Sloan.

We have a semi-waterless urinal system with urinal sleeves and water manager, what is the benefit of URIFRESHECO ?
Your existing system still uses water and can be quite a lot during occupied periods. Usually you will be renting the water manager which will have a cost and can (and do) malfunction or run low on batteries. The urinal sleeves contain an enzyme which reduces odours in the bowl, but there is still a trap that stores urine which if not flushed regularly can give off odours. The lime in the water being flushed can still cause scale which holds odours and causes bacterial buildup.

We experience a lot of vandalism, how will URIFRESHECO help?
With URIFRESHECO there is no water flow to the urinals so no risk of flooding from incoming water. As there is no trap underneath the urinal, even if the urinal is 'attacked', there will be no storage of waste water or urine that will spill onto the floor.

Surely without flushing water the pipes will clog up?
The clogging up in pipes coming from urinals is caused by build-up of limescale and uric salt. Limescale comes from water not urine, so turning off the water will eliminate the buildup of scale (which harbours odours and bacteria). Uric salts build up more readily in limescale. Uric salts and limescale are attacked by the contents of the URIFRESHECO dome which make sure there is no build-up. As part of our installation we replace all the accessible pipework to make sure we are not adopting an old problem.

What is the government advice on waterless urinals?
The government states very clearly that preserving water is a priority and any measure to reduce wasted water in urinals is advisable. The environment agency website highlights the benefits of waterless urinals over conventional urinals, see below.

Extracts from the Environment Agency website:http://www.environment-agency.gov.uk/business/topics/water/34885.aspx

Uncontrolled urinal flushing can easily account for most of the water used in public and commercial buildings.
Waterless urinals that use no water, other than for daily cleaning, are now widely available and the best designs effectively eliminate odour and trap blockage problems.

As well as offering significant water savings, waterless urinals also claim to address some of the problems associated with conventional urinals, namely scale, odour, blockage, and subsequent flooding.

Hard water from flushing can form an absorbent layer of lime scale on the bowl, which is thought to contribute to odour. Waterborne lime scale also makes traps and drains block more quickly and the resulting solids are very difficult to remove.

Odour .. perceived to be a problem with waterless urinals ..  In reality, odours are usually caused by trap leaks or general hygiene problems around the urinals rather than the lack of water.

Urinals that do not need water eliminate frost-and-vandal-prone plumbing and avoid flooding when bowls block due to scale or sabotage.
URIFRESH ECO waterless urinal
URIFRESH ECO waterless converted urinal
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