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Dyson Airblade technical specifications
Dyson Airblade Tap Specifications:

Packaged Dimensions (WD04) :
Packaged Dimensions (WD05) :
Packaged Dimensions (WD06) :
Weight :

Electricity Supply : 
Current Consumption :
Nominal Output  :
Drying Time :
Motor Speed :
Motor Type :
Air Speed :
Air Volume :
Water Flow
Noise Level :
Standby Power :
Electrical Protection :
Warranty :
Material Code (WD04) :
Material Code (WD05) :
Material Code (WD06) :
Dyson Airblade Wash+Dry Tap Hand Dryer

This is one-of a kind. The newest addition to the Dyson  
Airblade range is a hand dryer and water tap  

The same airblade technology is used including the new  
updated, compact, silenced motor.

The new Dyson Airblade Tap means there is no need for  
dripping hands across the floor with washing and drying  
carried out in the same place - the sink!
h303 x w284 x d286 (mm)
h276 x w437 x d280 (mm)
h302 x w610 x d375 (mm)
(AB09) 4.3kg (AB10) 4.6kg
220-253V, 50Hz
7A @ 230V
12 seconds
90,000 rpm
Brushless DC : Dyson Digital
430 mph
30 Litres / sec
4 Litres/min (aerated) 1-8bar
less than 0.5W
5 years
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RSPH, Royal Society for Public Health Logo

Dyson Airblade Tap

Dyson Airblade Wash & Dry Hand Dryer Tap
The Dyson Airblade Tap eliminates the need to move from the sink to dry your hands.
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Green Rating 1 - 5 : 5 is most environmentally friendly
The New range of dyson airblade hand dryers includes the Dyson Airblade dB, the Dyson Airblade V (high speed low energy hand  
dryer) and the Dyson Airblade Tap  (as featured here). See links below.
"In washrooms using conventional taps, you'll need to move to a separate hand drying area, dripping water on the floors as you go. It's why we've developed a tap with our hand drying technology in it."

James Dyson
Dyson Airblade WD04 wash and dry at the sink

Fastest hand dryer

Washing and drying your hands in the conventional way is time-consuming with moving from a push or lever tap across a room to a hand dryer. The new Dyson Airblade Tap allows you to wash and dry your hands at the sink. The latest Airblade technology means drying time is a super 12 seconds.
Dyson Airblade Wash+dry Fastest

Dyson Airblade is the
most hygienic hand dryer

Other washroom hand dryers blow dirty, unhygienic air. No other hand dryer filters air using a hospital-grade HEPA filter which removes 99.99% of all bacteria before using the air to dry your hands.

Only Dyson Airblade™ hand dryers are certified hygienic by independent public health specialists, NSF international. No other hand dryers meet every part of the NSF Protocol P335. As well as having a fast dry time and HEPA filters, the Dyson Airblade V hand dryer also has touch-free operation and an antimicrobial coating.

The automatic operation of the tap and hand dryer means there is no need for surface contact in the washing or drying process.
Dyson Airblade Wash+dry Fastest  hygienic hand dryer

Space-saving Technology

Because space can be at a premium in most commercial premises, freeing up wall space normally used for hand dryers and/or paper towel dispensers can free up space for extra cubicles or allow the washroom to be made smaller.
Dyson Airblade Wash+Dry saves space
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» Dyson Airblade full brochure 2013    (pdf)
» Dyson Airblade Tap Tech Specs 2013    (pdf)
» Dyson Airblade Tap User Guide    (pdf)
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» Architects CAD 2D                                       
» Architects Revit
» Architects SketchUp 
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Dyson Airblade Tap
Dyson Airblade Tap
Dyson AB09 Airblade Tap - Coppi Belfast
Dyson AB09 Airblade Tap - Coppi Belfast
Dyson AB09 Airblade Tap - Coppi Belfast
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