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Hand Drying

Hand Drying, Hand Dryers, Hand Towels, Roller Towel Cabinets
o3 group can provide a range of hand drying facilities for your premises.

Hand to hand and hand to face contact is the single biggest method of transferring bacteria from person to person and ingestion of bacteria.
Proper hand washing and drying is essential to prevent cross-contamination, as well as providing for the comfort of your customers, staff and visitors.
Much has been made of the most effective method of drying hands to prevent bacteria. From the results of a study carried out in the US, albeit a limited study, there is no significant difference between the various methods described here.

We provide a range of hand dryers including new generation, high speed low energy and conventional high powered warm air hand dryers, along with paper towels, roll towels, and laundered linen/cotton roller towels

Electric Hand Dryers

Electric Hand Dryers, High Speed Low energy hand dryers
The newest high speed low energy and new generation hand dryers are definitely the most cost-effective and environmentally-friendly method of hand drying. Once installed the ongoing hand dryer running costs are very low, as is the impact on the earth's resources.

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Laundered Roller Towels

Roller hand towels, linen hand towels, cotton hand towels
The closest thing to home. Laundered roller towels have the feeling of fresh cotton and effective quick drying.
A clean section of towel is available for use with the used portion rolled up on a separate roll inside the machine which is removed on a regular basis by our operatives for cleaning.
Each towel has enough for approximately 200 uses.

Paper Hand Towels

Paper Hand Towels
Standard paper hand towels have been used for many years.
They have the lowest initial cost, with low dispenser and installation charges. Ongoing paper supplies may be expensive for larger establishments.
Cost effective for low usage areas.
Stainless steel, Chrome or plastic dispensers available
Still argued as the healthiest method of drying hands, especially for kitchen and hospital areas are germs are captured and disposed off.

Automatic Paper Towel Rolls

Automatic paper roll hand towels
New automatic dispensers for paper hand towels regulate the usage with a separate sheet being dispensed for each use so the user cannot take multiple sheets at a time. Operated by waving your hand in front of the dispenser
Infrared sensor operated dispensers eliminate the need for any hand contact reducing the likelihood of cross-contamination. Germs are captured on paper towel and disposed off.
Available in white or blue.
Effects of 4 hand-drying methods for removing bacteria from washed hands: a randomized trial.

Gustafson DR, Vetter EA, Larson DR, Ilstrup DM, Maker MD, Thompson RL, Cockerill FR 3rd.

Division of Clinical Microbiology, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN 55905, USA.


OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the effects of 4 different drying methods to remove bacteria from washed hands.
SUBJECTS AND METHODS: One hundred adult volunteers participated in this randomized prospective study. All bacterial counts were determined using a modified glove-juice sampling procedure. The difference was determined between the amounts of bacteria on hands artificially contaminated with the bacterium Micrococcus luteus before washing with a nonantibacterial soap and after drying by 4 different methods (cloth towels accessed by a rotary dispenser, paper towels from a stack on the hand-washing sink, warm forced air from a mechanical hand-activated dryer, and spontaneous room air evaporation). The results were analyzed using a nonparametric analysis (the Friedman test). By this method, changes in bacterial colony-forming unit values for each drying method were ranked for each subject.
RESULTS: The results for 99 subjects were evaluable. No statistically significant differences were noted in the numbers of colony-forming units for each drying method (P = .72).
CONCLUSION: These data demonstrate no statistically significant differences in the efficiency of 4 different hand-drying methods for removing bacteria from washed hands.

PMID: 10907386 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE] http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10907386
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