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Female Washrooms

Washroom Hygiene Products and Services for Ladies Washrooms
We provide sanitary disposal services along with a range of other services designed to help you comply with current health & safety regulations as well as to assist you in providing the best possible service for your clientelle.

We provide sanitary disposal bins and sanitary vending units designed to complement your washroom design, whilst providing you with optimum functionality.

Our unique 'FemiBin' Sanitary disposal units are provided for each cubicle. We offer a discreet, professional service so the sanitary bins are replaced on a regular basis with the minimum of disruption to your business. The 'FemiBin' sanitary disposal bins are completely changed on each service meaning there is no emptying on-site and bins are taken away and properly and rigourously cleaned and sterilised for each service.

Sanitary bins may be pedal or sensor-operated, both of which eliminate the need for hand contact.

The FemiBin sanitary disposal bin (or Feminine Hygiene Unit - FHU) is attractively designed in clean white, tough ABS plastic and slimline to fit into any cubicle. It is unidirectional and can be fitted on either side of the WC.

FemiBin sanitary disposal bins are also available in black & chrome.
FemiBin : <br>Sanitary Disposal Unit / </br>Feminine Hygiene Unit (FHU)
FemiBin : <br>Sanitary Disposal Unit / </br>Feminine Hygiene Unit (FHU)<br>Black & Chrome Range
FemiBin : <br>Sanitary Disposal Unit / </br>Feminine Hygiene Unit (FHU)
FemiBin : <br>Sanitary Disposal Unit / </br>Feminine Hygiene Unit (FHU)<br>Black & Chrome Range
Each sanitary bin is charged with a suspended 'Bioforce' germicidal agent to reduce any chance of odours, and to kill bacteria inside the disposal unit. Bioforce uses a vapour action and thus is effective no matter how full the bin is. It gives out a pleasant mandarin orange fragrance and uses only natural ingredients. It is a bio-degradable formula and is effective against HIV, Hepatitis B and C and more.

Current legislation states that every washroom cubicle used by females must have a sanitary disposal unit for the safe disposal of used sanitary dressings.

Disposal bag dispensers with disposal bags are also provided for optimum hygiene, keeping in line with the 'bag it and bin it' campaign to reduce environmental impact of waste disposal.

More information on FemiBin sanitary disposal bin services

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