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Urinal Sanitisers

Urinal Sanitisers
Urinal Sanitisers work by continually and automatically dosing the urinal system with an effective cleaner and deodourise, 24 hours a day.

On every flush, the urinal bowl is washed with an environmentally friendly biocidal agent to remove germs, bacteria and odour causing organic compounds.

The cleansing goes beyond the urinal bowl into the waste pipework to prevent malodours and the build up of bacteria, limescale, and uric acid and salts, thus reducing the risk of blockages.

Units are fitted to the wall and regularly, automatically dose the urinal cistern so each flush delivers a regulated amount of cleanser.

The water dosing system allows the water flow to be reduced because each flush is more effective, thus saving water wastage and money.

The same system can be used for the WC pan and cistern, delivering a fresh, bactericidal wash on each flush, eliminating the need for daily bleaching and bowl cleaners.
Urinal Sanitiser
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