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Compare Hand Dryers Environmental impact
Compare cost and environmental impact of hand towels to leading hand dryer brands

Calculations assume each year has exactly 52 weeks over the 5 year projections.
Cost over 5 years includes power consumed on standby for the total number of hand dryers specified in part A, assuming hand dryer is not turned off at anytime. This only represents a very small part of the overall cost (0.01 over 5 years in the case of Mitsubishi Jet Towel).
co2 emissions per kilowatt hour is taken from Defra results available at given as 0.5246 / kWh .
CO2 emission in manufacturing hand dryer approx 0.2 tonnes (Xlerator), or 0.02 tonnes per year over 10 years - based on example of Xlerator hand dryer.
Information on co2 emissions is approximate. Sources used National Energy Foundation source:
Numbers of trees used in hand towel productions assumes virgin pulp is used and not recycled paper.
The figures shown here are representative only and should not be relied upon when making any financial decisions. Hand dryer data is based on that provided by the individual hand dryer manufacturers. We do not accept any responsibility for inaccuracies in the data, you should satisfy yourself with your own calculations.
Number of people using the facility/facilities daily
Approximate cost of box of hand towels inc VAT
Number of towels per box (average 2880)
Number of towels used per dry (average 4)
Number of times each person uses washrooms per day
Number of days in use per week
Number of towels per week
Number of boxes of towels per year
Cost per week
Cost per year
Environmental Impact of Hand Towel Use:  (approximate estimations)
Number of towels used per day
Waste Paper
Trees used in paper towel production
Production waste water
Direct CO2e emissions
Production CO2e emissions
Total CO2e emmission
Does not include costs of waste disposal
Volume of waste paper + packaging, approx
tonnes per year
Change details to reflect your own usage details and costs as appropriate
This is an estimate of what your current hand towel use is costing per year based on your usage in A
trees per year
litres per year
tonnes per year
tonnes per year
tonnes per year
tonnes per year
wheely bins per year
This is an estimate of the environmental impact of using hand towels based on your current usage
You must also factor in costs associated with labour involved in emptying bins, the poor hygiene associated with waste paper baskets full of soiled towels and unsightly mess.
Number of hand dryers needed to replace hand towels
Standby power (Watts)
Drying Time (seconds)
KWh / use
Cost per use
Cost per year
Cost over 5 years
Co2 emmisions per year (tonnes)
Co2 emmisions in production (tonnes)
Total co2 emissions over 5 years (tonnes)
Co2 savings over 5 years (tonnes)
Cost Saving over 5 years
Electricity Cost / kWh
per year
tonnes per year
Power (Watts)
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