Alcohol Hand Sanitisers

Alcohol Hand Sanitisers

Proper use of an alcohol-based hand sanitizer

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers - which don't require water - are an
excellent alternative to hand washing, particularly when soap and water
aren't available. They're actually more effective than soap and water in
killing bacteria and viruses that cause disease. They contain ingredients
that help prevent skin dryness.
Using these products can result in less skin dryness and irritation than
hand washing.

To use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer:

    * Apply about 1/2 tsp of the product to the palm of your hand.
    * Rub your hands together, covering all surfaces of your hands, until
they're dry.

If your hands are visibly dirty, however, wash with soap and water rather
than a sanitizer.
Alcohol Hand Sanitising
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Hand Sanitiser Dispenser
Cartridge Fill
Push Button
Hand & Surface Sanitiser Wipes Dispenser
Sanitising Wipes
Hand Sanitiser Dispenser
Direct-fill or cartridge
Automatic, Sensor Dispenser
Push button dispenser for
alchohol hand sanitising gel.

Refills by cartridge available
boxed 6x800ml cartridges
Cutan Hand Sanitiser Gel Foam Bottle Holder
Cutan Hand Sanitiser Gel Foam
Cutan 400ml Alcohol
Hand Sanitiser
Pump Bottles

Wallmounted bottle holder

Available in box of 12
• Dispenser with impregnated surface wipes

• Wipes kill 99.99% of bacteria

• Pack of 250 impregnated wet wipes

Bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal wipes

• Wipes simply disposed of by binning or flushing
(Wipes meet ASPM flushability standards) 

Bio-degradable wipes

• Single wipe dispensing aperture minimises waste

• Wipes active against pseudomonas aeruginosa, staphylococcus
aeurus, echeriichia coli, enterococcus hirae, candida albicans and
viruses HBV and HIV

No finger contact with dispenser: next wipe is systematically

Flash drying for immediate use

• Can be used on hands or surfaces
Other automatic dispensers
Free-standing Cutan Hand Sanitiser pump bottles

Effective - provides a broad spectrum of activity against yeast, moulds,
bacteria and viruses, meets the requirements of EN1500, EN1275 and EN1276.
Disinfects Skin - specially formulated, with ethyl alcohol and propyl
alcohol, to rapidly disinfect physically clean skin
Added Emollients - contains glycerin and panthenol to minimise the drying
effects usually associated with alcohol rubs
Easy to Use - gel quickly spreads on the skin to allow for quick and
effective use

Instant Action - starts working immediately to rapidly kill bacteria, yeasts
and moulds
Glove Compatible - can be used prior to applying gloves
Quick Drying - dries in approximately 30 seconds to leave the skin
sanitised and pleasantly conditioned
Dermatologically tested - formula has been tested to prove it is non-
Alcohol hand sanitiser dispenser
Alcohol hand sanitiser dispenser
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