Air Sterilisers & Purifiers

Air Sterilisers & Air Purifiers

Air , Purifiers and Ozone Generators have been long used in a variety in fields. They are used world wide
many municipal drinking water systems kill bacteria with ozone instead of the more common chlorine. It has
the benefit of completely reverting back to oxygen, leaving no residues.

Some Air Steriliser units utilise the power of ozone to clean the air from harmful bacteria, spores, moulds
and odours.

Various units are available for commercial use..
Envirozone : A portable
steriliser. Highly effective, and
very popular for office areas
and around the home for
erradicating lingering odours
and germs.
Germazap : Used in the food
hygiene and health care
markets. independently tested
against a range of bacteria,
including Listeria, Salmonella,
E Coli and MRSA.
Biozone : Many applications
from odour removal in smokey
hotel bedrooms and function
rooms, to odour & germ
removal in air-con systems,
garbage compactors, meat
plants, restaurant extract fans
Envirozone Air Steriliser
Biozone Air Steriliser, Ozone Generator
Germazap Air Steriliser
Oxizone Air Steril:
This is a completely unique air steriliser.

It is specifically designed for irradicating odours from public
washrooms, EMI care units or any other problematic or
troublesome areas.

It has the backing of the health protection agency after being
tested in Porton down to be effective against up to 98.11% of
Air Steril, Oxizone Air Steril
Steriloo : Used for decades
in puiblic bathrooms across
the world. This is purely an
ozone generator with output
of 0.1ppm / 0.18mg
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