Cigarette Smoke Alarm

Cigarette Smoke Alarm - Anti Smoking Alarm - 'Cig Arrete'

'Cig-Arrete' - Anti Smoking Alarm

Now that all of the UK & Ireland has a ban on smoking in public places, it is even more important to have
measures in place to enforce your no-smoking policy.

The Cig Arrete anti smoking alarm automises it for you.

The super-sensitive detectors pick up the smoke given off by cigarettes and trigger the alarm.
The alarm consists of a voice signal stating "This is a non-smoking area. please extinguish your cigarette. A
member of staff has been informed."

You can also have a flame detector, capable of detecting a 25mm flame at 6m within 1 second.

The system can be used stand-alone, or with up to 5 sensors connected together attached to a sound/light
beacon outside the non-smoking area to inform staff.

An optional control panel can be installed in an office area which can be triggered by the detectors, to inform
staff of the breach.

Anti vandal cages can be installed to protect the equipment.
Cig Arrete Smoke alarm, cigarette smoke detector
Flame detector with voice sounder
Smoke detector with voice sounder
Smoke detector 'slave'
Sound/Light Beacon
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