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Non-Zap Flykillers

Non-Zap, Glueboard, Silent Flykillers
The 'Flyshield' flykiller is a revolution in flying insect control.

It attractive design, silent operation, discreet concealment of dead flies and protection against 'blow-out' and debris from exploding flies means it can be situated virtually anywhere.

The flies are attracted to the UV lights and caught on the glue-board inside the machine, out of sight.

It is ideal for all areas in a restaurant, including near to customers tables, serveries, food preparation and storage areas, as well as waiting rooms, office and meeting rooms.

It is also suitable for critical processing areas in food & beverage production, bottling plants, chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

No annoying zapping noise

No visible dead flies

No risk of blow-out

No debris from exploding flies
Flyshield Fly killer - Non-Zap silent fly catcher


Patented* variable side light output
For maximum light out or mounting surface protection from the UV tubes

Commercial efficacy with a contemporary, discreet aesthetic
Flexible features for a wide range of applications

Quick, tool free access with a swing down front guard

Simple access to consumables for easy maintenance

High efficacy UV tubes, common across the Halo range
Proven to be more effective and longer lasting than standard UV tubes

Innovative glueboard technology

Designed for use with GLUPAC™ pheromone impregnated glueboards

Complete peace of mind
Three year guarantee (Excluding tubes)
Halo Fly killer - Non-Zap silent fly catcher

Ex-Fly Ultra

The Ex-Fly Ultra glueboard fly-killers are a professional range of fly-killers for commercial kitchens and food-prepartation areas.

The extra sticky glueboards trap flies that are attracted in by the 30 or 60w high-output tubes.

Available in white or stainless steel.

All our flykillers are available to buy or rent with or without a full pest control package.

Fly-killers should be serviced annually with a tube change to comply with Environmental Health Legislation.

All spent tubes should be disposed off at registered sites in compliance with WEEE Legislation
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