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SpeechPOD is a compact, state-of-the-art battery or externally powered user-programmable speech messaging unit, designed to provide a fast, easily configured, economical means of providing localised voice messaging within the working and public environment.

The unit is completely self contained and can be wall, ceiling or equipment mounted for permanent or temporary use; being compact and battery powered.

Messages can be set to repeat when people are re-detected, or can be timed to avoid message fatigue. SpeechPOD can also be programmed to turn on and off at multiple pre-set periods.

Examples of use

Encouraging young children to wash their hands
Warnings for blind / partially sighted people, eg steps, low ceiling etc
Health and safety announcements (eg "Eye Protection must be worn in this area…")
Electronic signage for DDA compliance
Safety Announcements eg "this floor has recently been cleaned, please be careful as it may be slippy"
General warnings… such as “do not open emergency exit doors unless in emergency.”
Temporary warnings during building or work related activities

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