The OxiCabinet uses a UV tube to generate ultraviolet germicidal rays  
transforming oxygen into ozone, which in turn is the most efficient  
bactericidal know to man.  

The effect of UV rays (254 n.m) is well known, acting as a totally efficient  
germicide, using direct kill.

After cleaning the knives or utensils, they are set on a special support  
inside the steriliser cabinet and the timer is set to 1.5 - 2 hours where they  
are subjected to the UV light and the ozone created inside and end  
completely sterilised and ready to use.

The steriliser cupboards, which conform to hygiene regulations, find  
applications in all branches of catering industry and food trades.  

Built in brushed 18/10 stainless steel, they are built to last and  
can be installed in all kinds of atmospheres, even high humidity.

Safety shut-off switch to protect from UV rays when door is opened.

OxiCabinet Knife Steriliser

OxiCabinet UV Knife & Utensil Steriliser


OxiCabinet 1, Oxi Cabinet, Knife Sterilisation Cabinet, Kitchen Hygiene
OxiCabinet 2, Oxi Cabinet, Knife Sterilisation Cabinet, Kitchen Hygiene
Model Dimensions (mm)
W x D x H
Capacity UV Tube Weight (kg)
OxiCabinet 1 310 x 600 x 125 10 Knives 254 nm 5.3
OxiCabinet 2 510 x 600 x 125 20 Knives 254 nm 9
OxiCabinet 3 No Longer Available
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