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Fumagalli SpeedMax UVC 100

Fumagalkli have been manufacturing hand dryers since 1962. Manufactured in Italy to
the highest standards, they are a solid, robust and long-lasting hand dryer.

The SpeedMax is part of their sterilising hand dryer range which uses UVC light to
sterilise the air that passes through the hand dryer, creating ozone and hydroxyl radicals
which in turn sterilise the room.

Drying Time : 12 seconds
Power Usage : 1250W
Warranty : 2 years
Fumagalli SpeedMax UVC Sterilising Hand Dryer
Fumagalli Hand Dryers

AirSteril Sterillo

Sterillo uses the AirSteril technology to purify the air inside the hand dryer and
throughout the washroom. The Sterillo is a robust hand dryer with quick drying time in
the commonly expected design of a high speed low energy hand dryer, similar to Xlerator
and Aertek Areo.

Drying Time : 12 seconds
Power Usage : 1400W
Warranty : 2years
AirSteril Sterillo UVC Steriliising Hand Dryer
Sterillo Hand Dryers

Fumagalli MG88A UVC

As the a long standing hand dryer manufacturer, it is not surprising that Fumagalli
brought the first sterilising hand dryer to the market. This is still a popular model based
on the conventional style of hand dryer. Although it is not as quick as the newer
SpeedMax, it is quiet and matches the more traditional style of hand drying.

Drying Time : 20 seconds
Power Usage : 2250W
Warranty : 2years
Fumagalli MG88 UVC Quickdri
Fumagalli Hand Dryers

Sterilising Hand Dryers

Sterilising Hand Dryers
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