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The Veltia Hand Dryer, unlike its New Generation cousins, does not use a blade of air to wipe hands. Instead this hand dryer uses more than 300 tiny holes through which it jets high speed air at 50m/s gently massaging both sides of your hands drying them in 12-15 secs. It operates automatically when your hands are inserted, collecting water in an easy-to-emty reservoir underneath the dryer avoiding slip risks. Visible and audible alarm for full tank.
The Veltia Dryer is available in a range of coloured finished, satin and polished chrome and gold !

The Veltia Dryer also has the option of an inbuilt air freshener that gives out a pleasant fragrance on each use.

5 year warranty
Veltia Hand Dryer, White
Veltia Hand Dryer, Glossy Chrome

Veltek Veltia V7 300

Veltek Veltia V7300 New Generation Hand Dryer

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veltia hand dryer technical specifications
Veltia Hand Dryer

The Veltia Hand Dryer is one of the latest additions to the UK market in the 'New Generation' range of Hand Dryers.
The VELTIA is twice as fast as most conventional hand dryers.
Cold air is drawn in from from the atmosphere and is then jetted out of over 300 micro air streams at over 50m/s to completely dry both sides of your hands in 10 - 15 seconds.
The water removed from the hands is drawn into the dryer and captured in a container, so it is not sprayed around the floor as with some dryers

Reducing your costs, the more you use the Veltia Hand Dryer, the more you SAVE. (compared to slower conventional dryers)


The VELTIA does not use hot air to dry your hands; therefore far less electricity is consumed. The more the VELTIA is used the greater the energy savings.


The VELTIA does not create a heated environment. Without heat bacteria that would normally thrive, struggle to breed and multiply. Unlike other driers, the unique design of the VELTIA means it can be fitted in kitchens, laboratories and within the NHS.

Available In 9 Standard Colours and Chrome and 'Gold'
Orders of ten and above can be colour matched to a colour of your choice

Veltia Hand Dryers Colour Options   

The surfaces of the Veltia Hand Drier are coated with Microban® Antibacterial Protection. On unprotected surfaces, bacteria can double every 20 minutes. Microban® antibacterial protection is a special technology incorporated into the actual dryer providing continuous antibacterial protection to help combat the unwanted growth of potentially harmful bacteria on high use surfaces. Microban® is built into the dryer material, so it cannot wear away.

Odour Elimination - The VELTIA is the first and only hand dryer in the world capable of eliminating malodour.
If required the VELTIA can be fitted with a unique gel called ‘olfactive silence (zero smell gel) that literally kills bad odours.

Sanitary Protocol - In addition to this the VELTIA can be supplied to you with an antibacterial agent called SaniVelt- Cloramina and a disinfectant spray called SaniVelt-NDP Air Total that ensures a 100% clean operation in the most stringent locations.

h617 x w300 x d195(mm)
220-240V, 50/60Hz
7.9A @ 230V
Approx 12-15 seconds
230 mph
Veltia Specifications:

Dimensions :
Electricity Supply : 
Current Consumption :
Nominal Output  :
Drying Time :

Motor Speed :
Air Speed :
Noise Level :
Standby Power :
Veltia Hand Dryer, how to use
Veltia : Polar White
Veltia : Brushed Aluminium
Veltia : Black
Veltia : Atlantic Blue
Veltia : Deep Blue
Veltia : Bordeaux Red
Veltia : Groc Champagne
Veltia F1 red
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Veltia Hand Dryer
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Veltia Hand Dryers
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